Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quest for Paul Doughty's location of birth

For the last several months I have been on a quest to find information about Paul Doughty. The motivation for finding information about Paul Doughty begins with my 4th great-grandmother Charlotte Doughty. I don't know where she was born or the names of her parents. The search for Charlotte Doughty began in the 1940s and 50s with my grandmother, Helen Hale Winward. My Uncle Leland Winward continued the search without success.

Charlotte married Francis Treseder on 11 March 1810 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, England. They were married by license so I requested a copy of their marriage bond and allegation from the Devon Record Office. Paul Doughty is listed on the bond with Francis Treseder. Since our family has been at a dead end in finding Charlotte, I  decided to search for information about Paul Doughty. He could be Charlotte's father, brother, grandfather, or even an uncle. My thought was that if I could find his place of birth, it could lead me to Charlotte's location of birth

I began searching all types of records that could lead me to information about Paul Doughty. The name is very uncommon. A search of army lists at the Family History Library was sucessful in finding Paul Doughty listed as an officer.

The first Army List he was found in was 1785. He was listed as an Ensign with the date of 5 January 1781 as the date of his commission. The next Army List that gave different information about Paul was the 1795 Army List. On this list, Paul was listed as a Lieutenant and the commission date of 16 April 1795.  
In the 1806 Army List, Paul Doughty is on list of Officers of the late Independent Companies of Invalid receiving full pay.

By searching all of the available army lists, I learned that sometime between 1801 and 1805, Paul Doughty retired from the military. In all of the army lists, Paul is listed as serving as an officer in an Independent Company of Invalids stationed in Plymouth, Devon, England. The next step to finding information about Paul Doughty would be to find the regiment where he enlisted in the military. The service records of officers are filed in alphabetical order by the regiment of enlistment. Because the army lists always showed him with the company of invalids, I did not know his original enlistment regiment so could not find his service record.

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